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Caprice Linux 1.0-STABLE "Atmora"

About the codename

In the Elder Scrolls games, there's a planet that most of events happening, called Nirn. Nirn has a few continents and most famous one of them is called Tamriel. Most of these games, belong to the events of Tamriel. But in the game's lore, there's another continent called Atmora. Atmora, is the birthplace of men and giants.

The whole story says, Atmora is a freezing and arctic-like place on Nirn. When the cold became intolerable for men, they decided to migrate to Tamriel. These men are known as Nords. Nords just landed on the province if Skyrim in the most-northern part of Tamriel and became new inhabitants of the place.

The reason behind this naming is the Caprice Linux founder's interest in the whole Elder Scrolls franchise, and it actually follows the same story as human appearances in Skyrim. A bit more information on the migration is that Nords made cities in the Skyrim, but natives to the province known as Snow Elves didn't tolerate their existence. They attacked on Nords and probably killed all of them. Ysgramor, a Nordic king, went back to Atmora, made an army of Nords and attacked back on Snow Elves and probably put their race to extinction.

Caprice Linux story follows something similar. The project first started as a playground to another project and was nothing but a simple XFCE installed on top of the Debian GNU/Linux but later when the main project (it's known as Sana Desktop) was over, there was decisions on improving Caprice Linux to a better operating system. Decisions made about the desktop, we made the desktop a bit better, we made decisions about package manager and even the systemd. Caprice became a much much better package than a simple remaster of Debian.

Development Timeline

Release Notes

This will be completed when the final release is done.



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